What are your hours of operation and how can I contact you?

Our current business hours and contact information are published on the Contact Us page.

Do you have a public schedule of your medical professionals?

Yes, we have an up-to-date schedule of our medical professionals posted for your reference.

What is this about a “daily limit” at the centre?

The government imposes a limit on how many patients our medical professionals can see in a single day. We regret that our closing time may vary depending on how quickly this limit is reached. This affects all walk-in medical centres.

Do I need to bring anything with me to the centre?

Individuals should be prepared to present their BC Care Card upon arrival to the centre. Also, it’s always a help if you can bring an updated list of relevant medications, conditions and ailments, etc. Ultimately, anything that could be found useful for our medical professionals (and make it easier on your memory) would be greatly appreciated.

What are your current clinical trials?

Our current clinical trials can be found on the Research page.